London based F1 photographer, also have numerous experience working as a portrait, live music, travel, commercial and street photographer. 

I would go or take anything interesting and fun, you name it.

Travelled through Europe during coronavirus pandemic and currently preparing the exhibition held at Fujifilm HQ in Tokyo in Oct 2021.

Fujifilm presents “Lockdown – recovery, rebuilt, restart -“

Currently working as a Formula One photographer. 





コロナ禍のヨーロッパを旅して撮影、現在、フジフィルム開催「写真家たちの新しい物語」展にて選考され、東京フジスクエアにて個展開催(2021年10月22- 11月2日)。

Fujifilm主催個展 “Lockdown – recovery, rebuilt, restart -“

2021年、ロンドンの生活を綴ったエッセイ・小説「On The Edge -ロンドンの本当の姿-」を電子書籍で出版。